Master Clock MU 2.0

Short description

The Master Clock MU 2.0 is a control circuit for slave clocks. Up to 5 slave clocks can be controlled via pole-changing minute pulse of same switching voltage. I.e. for station clocks, plant clocks and office clocks. The control board works without contact closures and features a short-circuit-proof output. The control board is protected by a resettable fuse. A 12 VDC or respectively 24 VDC power-supply is used to power the device. In order to set the clock there are the following adjustments available: 1min, 10min, 60min forward; 10 min, 60min backwards. The device was developed with an excellent price performance ratio in mind. Please note: Station clocks with gliding second hands and second-stop (Swiss Railways) need an additional alternate current to power to enable the operation. In most cases a voltage of 48VAC@50Hz is used.